Two-year Roadmap Checkpoint - EOY 2023

  1. Maintain on-going PowerAgent Keeper/node recruitment initiatives in collaboration with DAppNode and other Ethereum Node Operator/Validator communities to further decentralise PowerAgent v2. Continue to provide minimum CVP stake grants for new Keepers. Continuously encourage existing Node Operators on Gnosis Chain and Ethereum to also become PowerAgent Keepers/nodes on additional chains to earn additional fees, and to become active in the DAO;
  2. Maintain on-going Ecosystem Fund developer grants program to encourage on-going development of useful royalty-earning Templates and protocol extensions leveraging PowerAgent Automation Network, and begin development of the PowerAgent AppStore to make PowerAgent service Templates and royalty-earning DApps available to anyone;
  3. Develop $lsCVP liquid staking version of $CVP to attract passive $CVP investors seeking a share of the Treasury Charge earnings that are willing to delegate to all Keepers equally, enabling all Keepers to leverage their stakes further, to earn the highest fees/node ROI from Job Owners;
  4. Launch Phase 1 version of $LSDETH, a diversified PowerBasket of 10+ ETH LST (liquid staking) tokens, with flexible weights, max caps and an internal ETH Safety Fund (included in NAV) to smooth mints/redeems, arbitrage across LSTs and re-insure slashing. To be launched on on Ethereum, (and later Gnosis Chain, Arbitrum and BNB Chain), Initially marketed to Community members, DAO Treasuries and ETH whales minting directly on the PowerPool minting page;
  5. Launch Phase 1 version of $LRTETH, a diversified PowerBasket of ETH LRT (liquid re-staking) tokens, which also serves as a sub-basket of $LSTETH, offering another source of extrinsic yield for the ETH and LSTs contained in the basket, as well as direct investors looking to diversify the idiosyncratic Actice Validator Services (AVS) risks associated with LRTs;
  6. Pursue DEX/CEX listings and liquidity provision for $LSTETH and $LRTETH secondary trading and pursue whitelistings of $LSTETH on lending and stablecoin generation sites to increase utility of $LSTETH as collateral;
  7. Once sufficient PowerAgent Keeper nodes are operational on BNB Chain, launch $LSTETH on BNB Chain, where over $1 billion worth of ETH is unable to be staked directly, and begin testing $LSTBNB, a diversified PowerBasket of BNB LSTs providing passive BNB yield on BNB Chain;
  8. Launch Phase 2 version of $LSTETH with Retail Marketing Partners deploying the unbranded mint/redeem widget for $LSDETH, $LUCY, (& LUSD?) etc. from their own websites, earning a one-time, up-front minting commissions paid automatically to their nominated wallets;
  9. Deploy PowerAgent and LST PowerBaskets on other EVM L1s & L2s with sufficient PowerAgent nodes/keepers, and well-developed native token LST marketplaces;
  10. Once several $LSTxxx baskets are operational, launch the $PWRPOOL flagship multi-chain yield-bearing LST basket-of-baskets investors can leave on automated TVL rebalancing/harvesting using PowerAgent;
  11. Add a fiat gateway/on-ramp to PowerPool website allowing investors to directly buy PowerUniverse family products on the website