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As highlighted in the State of BNB Chain Q4 2022 report, the network continues to further decentralize and increase censorship resistance of the network through the ongoing efforts put forth by:

BEP-131, 153, and 159 will continue to facilitate the growth of the active and candidate validator sets. This growth should enable more validating and staking participation, catalyzing a greater distribution of stake.

BNBChain, the base blockchain of crypto exchange Binance, has introduced so-called liquid staking  with three leading Web3 protocols: Ankr, Stader and pStake.


Earlier this month, liquid staking protocol pStake and Stader, a staking-as-a-service platform, went live on the BNB Chain, complementing Ankr, which provides a software development kit to help protocols offer token staking, according to the release. As of Monday, the three together staked 101,100 BNB, or $30 million, in total value locked.

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