PowerPool DAO Vision/Mission

(actively recruiting PowerAgent Keeper node operators and royalty-earning automation service Template developersjoin us!)

PowerPool DAO develops and operates the PowerAgent permissionless, autonomous, decentralised, generalised, trustworthy EVM automation network supporting fully-configurable Jobs for third party Job Owners and our own automated $LST/$LRT PowerBaskets. Any EVM POS node-runner can add a PowerAgent Keeper node to modest hardware/bandwidth and earn additional ETH/native chain fees paid directly to their wallets. The fair-launched PowerPool DAO operates the PowerAgent Network, the PowerPool DAppStore hosting automated service Templates AND actively manages a multi-chain series of automated, broadly-diversified, rewards-rich, gas-efficient, $LST/$LRT PowerBaskets like $LSTETH. Developers can earn grants and on-going royalties by contributing automation service Templates to our DAppStore that enable other protocols and individual users to easily incorporate PowerAgent automation. PowerAgent is currently liv e on Gnosis Chain, and Ethereum mainnet, and soon on Scroll, Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum, BNB Chain, Neon EVM (Solana) and eventually most leading EVM chains/layers, together with corresponding DAppStores and $LSTxxx PowerBaskets anyone can use and build on.

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